Warranties & Quality

The brand Jäneke summarizes all these realities under a single “umbrella brand” that is for us a synonym for a thorough evaluation of price and quality.



The products are accompanied by a regular bill of sale valid for the 12-month warranty on compliance lack. sui difetti di conformità.

In case of defects

For purchases invoiced to individuals and companies VAT holders, the warranty on compliance lack is 6 months.

Extended Warranty

Some proposed collections offer extended warranty periods: in these cases, the warranty period is specified in the Additional Information section of the product data sheet.

24 months warranty

The 24 month warranty applies to products that prove lack of conformity, provided that they are used properly and in accordance with their intended use and maintenance.

Give back

In case of replacement of a product, the Customer is responsible for properly packing the returned parts in order to prevent damages.

We're fast

Jäneke in committed to get involved as quickly as possible.