Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

In line with the new EU Directive of 23 June 2011 for the protection of the online purchasing (the Directive will be transposed into Italian legislation by 2013):

1 – How to purchase on Jäneke 1830

The products purchased on Jäneke 1830 website are sold directly. The headquarters of Jäneke 1830 is in Via Santo Spirito, 13
20121 Milano.
The prices indicated in the Budget are shown in Euros and include VAT; the same Total amount shown in the Budget is being summarized in the Order confirmation form sent to the Customer by e-mail.

2 – Purchasing Procedure.

1. In order to complete the purchase from Jäneke 1830, it is necessary to fill in the electronic order form of Jäneke 1830 website.
2. The contract is to be considered concluded when Jäneke 1830 receives the order form properly filled in and the payment.
3. In the extremely rare circumstance where a product chosen by the purchaser is no longer available at the time the order form is sent, Jäneke 1830 shall proceed to the refund of the amount already paid.
4. Upon submitting the order form, the purchaser agrees to comply with all the Terms and Conditions on this page.
5. The on-line sales contract between the Customer and the Supplier is considered to be concluded in Italy and governed by the Italian laws.
6. In case you do not agree with some of the terms under the General Terms and Conditions, please do not submit the order and contact the staff of Jäneke 1830 for further clarification.

3  – Shipping & Delivery

The delivery of the goods shall be activated only after the order has been paid and shall be provided by express carriers upon telephone notice; the Standard Shipping service is to be considered with delivery at street level and the Customer shall provide full cooperation to the driver to download packages from the side of the truck and to sometimes also provide other people, depending on the size and weight of the item purchased. Jäneke 1830 is legally responsible for the goods until delivery and our products have the travel insurance coverage only for amounts exceeding € 600.

4 – Shipping Costs

The cart shows an estimate of the shipping cost: for orders of a Total Product amount exceeding € 600.00, the Standard Delivery is free. The Standard Delivery is to be considered with delivery at street level for the destinations not included in the so-called Special Location area.
Jäneke 1830 performs a check of the shipping address entered and notifies the Customer about any extra fee in case of Special Location: in this case, the Customer has the right not to confirm the Order.

5 – Eventual non-availability of items

Jäneke 1830 is daily committed to keep its online catalog updated. Because of the large number of articles and of collections that we propose, it may happen that a particular option is no longer available. In such cases, Jäneke 1830 shall promptly inform the Customer, who can decide whether to make changes to the order or to request a refund of the amount paid. In case the supplies are made up of multiple products, any non-availability of an item is assumed for reimbursement of the amount paid for the portion of the article not available; obviously, the possible complementarities between the individual items will be considered for each specific situation (plates paired with soup plates, lamp shades combined with lamp bases, …).

6 – Limitations of Use

The staff of Jäneke 1830 is constantly committed to update the information presented. At the same time, the huge amount of developed content makes the existence of any inaccuracies possible. Our daily commitment is to work for an increasing precision and for a higher level of detail, but it is also your responsibility to make sure of the accuracy of the details that were to be considered essential for your satisfaction and necessary in order to proceed with the purchase: non-exhaustive examples are represented by the cases of goods purchasing or completion of product collections already owned (in this case the Customer is required to verify the matching and the color compatibility), goods with measures just below the available space (where the Customer is required to contact us for checking the dimensions of the product and eventually for an appropriate advice on the criteria for taking measurements in the environment), or even the rare event of any Product Data Sheets which may bring conflicting information in different parts of the sheet itself (the Customer is required to read the entire Product Data Sheet). All manufacturers, suppliers of Jäneke 1830 Srl, are continuously committed to the improvement of our products, thus reserving the right to make technical and dimensional changes without prior warning in the event that these changes do not significantly alter the aesthetic content of the products and their use/ergonomics
Jäneke 1830 reserves the right to make changes to the names of some products or parts of them in order to comply with any agreement with the manufacturers. On some products presented without the publication of the production trademark, product labels may then be applied, that bear different names from those published on Jäneke 1830; these variations cannot under any circumstance be considered a reason of contract termination for “non-compliance”, as the “product name” cannot be considered a basic element of the value offered to the consumer by the product itself.

7 – Right of Withdrawal

The Consumer has the right to withdraw from any distance contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 days from the date of delivery to the Consumer.
The Consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal from contracts for the provision of any non-prefabricated good on the basis of an individual choice of the consumer (for the benefit of the Consumer, Jäneke 1830 has already been following the new rules for long distance sales expressed by the EU Directive of 23 June 2011 and due to be transposed by the national parliaments by 2013; we specify that the law wording currently in force in Italy states that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for “tailored or clearly customized goods”).
For further information you can visit the Right of Withdrawal page on our site.

8 – Issues reporting after Delivery

This point illustrates the method of Customer support during the days immediately following the Delivery: The procedures described hereby do not, in any way, restrict the Warranty Rights of the Consumer recognized by the Consumer Code, but only create a common basis for offer to each Customer the best possible support.
For the benefit of the Client, if you encounter any kind of issue regarding the products provided, the Customer Service is constantly committed to the correct assignment of the responsibilities to the different chain actors, that goes from the production of the goods in the factory to the actual use of the asset by the Consumer; these “actors” are the good producer, Jäneke 1830, as a seller, the carrier commissioned by Jäneke 1830 (and of which Jäneke 1830 is eventually responsible pursuing remedies for any insurance for shipping damage), and the Customer itself that receives the supply, runs the handling on the floor and the assembly (possibly by delegating these phases to third parties).
Upon unloading of delivery at the delivery address, during the assembly, and the moment immediately following the conclusion of the assembly itself, the Customer is required to strictly follow all procedure steps and the Delivery Notes: this way, the Customer may be provided with the best possible support from our Customer Service and may be fully protected, both from any manufacturing defects or from transportation damage (both cases are “infrequent” but certainly “not impossible”).
If a Customer does not follow the steps of the Procedure, there may be a possible failure to award a specific responsibility of the “actors” in relation to the above issue. In some cases, we may then have to proceed to involving the Customer in the eventual cost of replacing defective or damaged parts, in which case Jäneke 1830 works anyway for the Customer satisfaction whilst reserving a specific assessment to each situation.
Practically, this procedure is used to confirm to the Customer Service Jäneke 1830 that any problem encountered was not caused by the Customer itself (or any person delegated by him): each procedure hereby presented is used exactly for effectively protecting our customers.

9 – Warranty

The products are accompanied by a regular bill of sale or by a receipt valid for a 12-month warranty on compliance defects, issued by Jäneke 1830 under the Consumer Code for purchases; for purchases invoiced to individuals and companies with VAT numbers, the warranty is 6 months.

10 – Personal Data Processing

It is an information related to the personal data processing, provided pursuant to section. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 (hereinafter the Privacy Code) to users of our site. The policy does not apply to other websites that may be accessible through our website, for which ADV 2.0 is not in any way responsible. The owner of the personal data processing related to individuals identified or identifiable following the consultation of our site, is ADV 2.0.
The processing operations connected to the web services of this website shall take place at ADV 2.0, and the contents are taken care of by the employees of ADV 2.0. No data deriving from the web service is communicated or disseminated to third parties. The personal data provided by users who request services are used for the only scope of performing the service or the requested provision and are not disclosed to third parties unless such disclosure is required by law or is strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the requests. For further information visit: Personal Data Processing.