Our story

The Janeke group has evolved over the course of 180 years to become a leader in the sector of cosmetics accessories as a whole. It has worked with innovation and technology to meet the constant needs of the market, using traditional age-old materials like horn, celluloid and galalite as well as injection moulded plastics. We put craftsmanship and creativity first and foremost, offering products that have been made exclusively by hand in Italy with an eye for high design and materials of the highest quality. Over the past few years, we have made the move from a well consolidated internal market to a growing international market.


Materiali innovativi che interpretano la storia e la qualità dei prodotti Jäneke. Questa storia è stata studiata pensando ad un prodotto tradizionale e al tempo stesso di tendenza.

Jäneke è QUALITÀ

Una linea che unisce eleganza e praticità, gli astucci sono in vera pelle o in ecopelle e gli accessori contenuti sono realizzati con materiali di alta qualità.


Questa nuova linea in fibra di carbonio elimina completamente il fastidioso fenomeno elettrostatico. Inoltre la notevole resistenza all’alta temperatura e gli agenti chimici rendono questi prodotti ideali per l’uso professionale.


Una gamma di prodotti per chi si affida ad una protezione davvero sicura. Igiene attiva testata contro i microbi da Sanitized.

Giorgio Janeke

We are driven by a passion to work and improve. We work to promote the image of an efficient and professional company. We dedicate time and attention to researching products that meet the needs of people who have been our clients for many years and who look for articles that are classic and refined, as well as those of people who desire collections more in keeping with current fashions. Our glamourlines also attract a younger customer base and lend an element of continuity to our work, ensuring a real future for our company. We work every day with the enthusiasm of a young, dynamic and constantly evolving business that looks to the future but also has a past stretching back nearly 180 years.